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    Car Accident

    Car accidents are often devastating. When you are a victim of a car accident, it’s important to hire a skilled attorney who can file a lawsuit on your behalf seeking compensation.

    Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Monroe

    Motorcycle Accident

    Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous compared to other vehicles. When there is a motorcycle collision, the drivers are susceptible to serious injuries. After an accident, huge medical bills, loss of wages and loss of earning potential can prove to be stressful for the victim. Motorcycle accident lawyers at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess can help you get compensated.

    Truck Accident Attorney Monroe

    Truck Accident

    In a trucking accident case, you are up against multiple entities such as the driver, trucking company, and the insurance company. Only an experienced solicitor can handle all these different parties and help you get your compensation.


    Personal Injury

    Personal injury covers a broad range of cases including animal bites, product liability, premise liability, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. Our lawyers have more than two decades of experience in successfully handling personal injury cases.

    L. Clayton Burgess

    Injury Attorney in Monroe, LA

    Personal injury includes any injury that is sustained physically, emotionally or mentally due to the intentional or negligent act of another person or business entity. There are multiple types of personal injury cases that can be brought to the court depending on the type of accident and the severity of the injuries.

    A personal injury case is initiated by an injured person (plaintiff) against a person or business entity (defendant). For successful personal injury litigation, it’s important to establish that the defendant was at fault. The level of compensation depends on the nature of injury and the expenses that arise as a consequence. Pre-existing medical conditions also have an impact on the lawsuit.

    You can reach out to well-qualified Monroe injury lawyers at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess. Apart from personal injury attorneys, you can also consult specialists like a car accident attorney, trucking injury lawyer, motorcycle accident lawyer, offshore injury lawyer, police misconduct attorney, and wrongful death attorney.

    Parties Represented by a Injury Lawyer in Monroe LA Receive More Compensation in Settlement than those without an Attorney

    Hire Injury Lawyers in Monroe LA

    Our legal representatives have more than 20 years of experience in handling personal injury cases and have succeeded in recovering millions of dollars through verdicts and settlements.

    Common Personal Injury Case Include:

    Our personal injury attorneys are acknowledged for handling complicated cases with skill and professionalism.

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    “The best attorney in town. I highly recommend him.”


    “Excellent attorney! Willing to fight tough battles against politicians, insurance companies and big corporations for his clients. A true believer and defender of individual rights.”


    “This is an amazing group of people! They are caring and very helpful! So thankful that I chose Clay Burgess to represent me!”


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