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Police Misconduct Attorney in Monroe, LA

Police misconduct or police brutality is the violation of civil rights that occurs when a law enforcement officer uses excessive force on members of the public. ‘Excessive force’ is not subject to a precise definition but it is force beyond what a reasonable police officer would use under similar circumstances.


As per law, a police officer has the right to use legitimate force to make an arrest, maintain order, and ensure that there is peace. However, the amount of force that is acceptable under various circumstances is largely a subjective matter.


Every day, police officers work a difficult and thankless job. Most police officers sacrifice their comfort to protect citizens and uphold the law. There are times when the responsibilities put on them are incredibly stressful. While it is true that mistakes tend to happen, there is absolutely no excuse for any abuse of power.


When a police officer abuses power, it doesn’t just impact one citizen but betrays the trust we place on all police officers. Police misconduct attorneys in Monroe at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have more than two decades of experience in successfully handling police misconduct cases.

Police Brutality Comes in Many Forms


  • Racial discrimination: Most brutality is directed against minority groups. There are instances when police officers regard racially minor groups as potentially dangerous regardless of their actions or intent. Racially discriminatory police behavior is a serious offence.


  • Excessive force: Legally, a police officer may only use reasonable force that is required to accomplish their legal duties. The definition of excessive force depends on multiple factors such as why the law enforcement officer attempted to arrest the individual, the way the person responded and the circumstances surrounding the incident.


  • False imprisonment: When a law enforcement officer lacks any legal justification for the arrest, the victim who has been arrested may file a false imprisonment lawsuit.


  • Unreasonable search and seizure: In recent years, police powers have been expanded and allow a law enforcement officer to search and detain any person on suspicion.


  • Prison abuse: Every individual has certain constitutional rights. Physical abuse in the form of starvation, torture, and failure to control inmate violence are all forms of prison abuse.

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Police Brutality Attorney, Monroe, LA

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